F Portrait of the Artist as a Sickness

Portrait of the Artist as a Sickness

FINISHED! this is the first color i’ve done of my Beetlejuice and Lydia drawing. i’m not super pleased because i’m not very good at coloring, but it’s pretty fun to color anyway. i plan on doing many different styles of color with the line art, so i’ll be sharing that as well when i get around to it. 

this was hard for me because i’m really bad with color. i am not good at lighting or anything like that, so when i attempted to have any kind of red light from the neon sign against the characters, i was dying of fear that i’d fuck it up and have to start over. it’s still not perfect and not extremely pleasing for me to look at, but it was my first attempt and i think with practice i can get better.

DETAILS: in case you can’t really see, he has 2 buttons, a pin and a patch. one button says, ‘LIFE SUX’ and the other is an inverted crucifix. his pin is a nametag-type that reads, ‘BIOEXORCIST’. the patch is partially obscured but says ‘Oingo Boingo’. Lydia’s pin/tag says, ‘TRAINEE’. they both are wearing wedding rings.

Lydia and Beetlejuice AU

Lydia: not dead, but no longer a member of the living world. time ran out and the wedding plans went through as planned at the Deetz’s, but Lydia is not going to the Other-Side without a (constant) fight. though she is now a trainee “Bioexorcist” (under the tutelage of her decaying spouse) she does not plan on sticking around long enough to move up in the career. with The Handbook for the Recently Deceased, Lydia hopes to find her way out and back to the Living World.
Beetlejuice: no longer a bachelor of the underworld, he’s finding married life rather stressful. working all day in the Living World making house calls while trying to keep Lydia from escaping the Other-Side is nearly impossible! but the plan to train her in the businesses of Bioexorcism takes care of these worries in a cinch—he can keep an eye or three on her at all times. with the legal union and the binding wedding rings, Lydia is his key to access both worlds (as long as she stays in the Other-Side!)

FULL VIEW so you can see every blemish and every place i fucked up lmao



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Photographer uses female body hair to challenge traditional beauty standards

Ben Hopper has recently published a photo series of black and white portraits, each capturing beautiful women bearing armpit hair. Hopper notes on his blog: “Although armpit hair is a natural state, it has become a statement. Why is that? For almost a century we have been brainwashed by the beauty industry, encouraging hair removal.” 

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Conclusions drawn from a recent viewing of BeetleJuice.


We’ve come for your daughter, Chuck.

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Beetlejuice (1988)


Hassaku 2014: maiko sisters Katsusen and Katsue walking to another teahouse to thank for the whole year of support (SOURCE - Kimamani1001 blog)

 ”Mmmh, yes.”

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